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Private Contact 1.1.1

Private Contact 1.1.1

*) Are you a business person? or Do you want some of your contacts are private? Or Do you want to password protected contacts? Or Do you want to make some important contacts are private? Then this app for you.

*) This application works completely works in offline.

*) Use password protected Private Contact application and make important contacts are private.

*) This application will accept inputs as BlackBerry® contacts. So no need to create any explicit contacts.

*) Private Contact Application does not require any extra inputs.

*) Private Contact Application will automatically delete the phone log from your BlackBerry® and add's Phone Log to this application.

*) Using this app you can edit, delete call log's at any point of the time.

*) Using Private Contact App, you can restore the private contact and corresponding Phone Logs at any point of time.

*) Using this application Phone Logs can be view in two different ways
        1. Contact mode: Just by clicking the contact this application will display all phone call logs like incoming calls, out going calls, missed calls .., etc.
        2. Recent Logs: Just by clicking the Recent Logs menu item this application will display all the phone call logs like incoing calls, out going calls, missed calls and also you can edit and delete this call logs at any point of time.

*) This application capable to restore private contact and its phone call log including the Notes at a time.

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